Mineral Research Department

Land & Mineral Research

  • Creates a chronological history of mineral and surface ownership.

This is accomplished by verifying deeds and other legal documents by which the title to the property in question is conveyed or transferred from one party, known as the Grantor, to another party known as the Grantee.

  • Provides a History of Surface Rights and Mineral Rights.


    • Surface Rights:  Ownership specific to the surface
    • Mineral Rights:  Ownership specific to the minerals
    • Executive Rights:  Who has what rights relating to an oil and Gas lease
    • Mapping the surface and mineral rights to confirm locations of each.
    • Verify Legal descriptions.
  • Reviewing all Reservations that have been imposed on their property.


    • Mineral Reservations
    • Right of Ways
    • Easements
    • Existing Oil and Gas Leases
    • Probates


Providing Land and Mineral Research for our clients is essential to ensure the client has accurate information necessary to make educated business decisions with their land and mineral resources.  PCI research efforts have found numerous discrepancies between what clients thought they owned, and what they actually own.  It has identified errors in warranty deed property descriptions and mineral ownership amounts. 

Land and Mineral Research also identifies Executive Mineral Rights to the property.  In many cases, this knowledge has been lost or misstated through time and the passing of property and minerals through sales and inheritance.  PCI Land and Mineral Research service includes warranty deed analysis and digital mapping. 

The existing metes and bounds property descriptions used in most of Texas are colorful, but are riddled with errors.  PCI’s experience has shown that about half of all Warranty Deeds we review have some type of error. 
When the clients’ income is affected by acreage especially pertaining to Leasing Bonuses, Pooled Production and Shut In clauses, it is essential that acreages, exact locations and sizes of mineral reservations are accurately identified.

Making sure that this information is understood and correct is absolutely critical.
Having this information in hand and in good order not only makes good business sense, it is essential to being a good steward of your resources for your family and their descendants.


“Making agreements in the oil and gas industry is a long term commitment. Understanding the rules of the game insures success for you and your future generations.”

Keith L. Milberger, President
Proven Concepts, Inc.

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