Morrison Gas Royalty Income Calculator    
  1. Enter the value of your royalty interest as specified by your mineral lease.    
  2. Enter your net mineral acres included in the production unit. Example: if you own 50% of the minerals in a 100 acre tract your net minerals would be 50 acres.    
  3. Enter the total number of acres in the production unit as specified by your division order. If you don't have a division order, enter the unit acres as shown on the P-12 form filed with the Railroad Commission by the operator.    
  4. Enter the average gas price minus any compression, treating, taxes and/or marketing costs that the royalty owner must pay.    
  5. Enter your estimate of the average daily gas production rate.    
  Enter your information here    
  1. Your royalty interest rate (%)    
  2. Net mineral acres you own      
  3. Number of acres in production unit    
  4. Net Gas Price ($/Mcf)    
  5. Average daily gas rate (Mcf)    
  4. Your net revenue interest (fraction)    
  5. Your daily net income ($)    
  6. Your monthly net income ($)    
  7. Your annual net income ($)    
This gas royalty calculator is provided by Proven Concepts, Inc. for estimating purposes only and its answers are based on the information you provided. The actual amount of your royalty income can differ considerably from what is shown above.  

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