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Our goal is to offer a unique service that provides valuable information on production systems. The end users can utilize this information to identify areas that can improve efficiency and reduce costs. Use of our service also provides the user with information that will minimize liability issues and/or regulatory compliance concerns by having defensible data support
production information. Please contact our offices listed below or email us for more information.

Texas Offices:
Keith Milberger
P. O. BOX 2267
Frisco, TX 75034
Phone: 972-529-1253
Fax: 214-592-9881

FT. Worth
Susie Lourcey
P. O. BOX 470279
Ft. Worth, TX 76147
Phone: 817-423-4280

Keith Milberger

Office: 972-529-1253
Fax: 214-592-9881

Warren Gabrilska
VP Operations

Office: 920-987-5053
Mobile: 920- 450-2783
E- Mail

Scott Anderson
Agent of Change


Proven Concepts, Inc., PO Box 2267, Frisco, Texas, 75034 Tel: 972 529-1253, Fax: 214 592-9881